Solgain UK works with a range of organisations including construction companies, property developers and building contractors sector.

Commercial Solar PV

Commercial Solar PV offers reliable means of achieving the CO2 savings required to meet Code level 3 and are expected to be adopted widely on properties designed to Code level 4 and above.

The benefits of Solar PV in Commercial buildings:

  • Simple and fast installation at the construction stage.
  • Solar PV systems are eligible for the Feed-in Tariff. End users can benefit from guaranteed income for 20 years and significantly reduced running costs.
  • Buildings in England will be built to zero carbon standards.

At Solgain UK our offer to you is based on a number of factors:

  • We are product independent so we will match the right product to your specification. Our understanding of the construction market enables us to tailor our solutions to meet your requirements both technically and commercially.
  • We provide full project and site management, from enquiry to commissioning, facilitating smooth and efficient delivery.
  • We are able to offer supply of PV ‘kits’ to make design and purchasing simpler.
  • We have established relationships with the leading global suppliers in the market enabling us to offer unrivalled value for money.
  • We offer a full tendering service.
  • We can assist with specification and design and we will take full design liability.
  • We offer a full range of services including feasibility services, planning, design, installation and maintenance & monitoring. This enables us to provide a turnkey solution for each project.
  • We will help reduce running costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need three phase electricity?

Not necessarily, it is dependent on the electrical infrastructure in the area of the property

How long will an installation take?

It depends on levels of demand, the size of the installation and whether planning/G59 approval is required. It can be anywhere between 1 – 3 months but timescales will be agreed and outlined at the beginning of the agreement.


Is my property suitable for PV?

The ideal roof orientation is South, South East or South West facing at an angle of 30°. To maximise the benefits of the Solar PV panels, a roof mounted system will need to match these criteria fairly closely. If you don’t have a suitable roof we can explore ground-mounted options.


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