Reduce your energy bills and help support carbon reduction

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is a great way of cutting your electricity bills and helping you live greener, more sustainable, healthy lifestyles whilst reducing the carbon footprint of your home.

Solar Panels enable this to make that dream to come true.

What are Solar Panels?
Solar Panels are made of Solar (PV) cells, which turn sunlight into electricity. This electricity can then be fed into your home's mains electricity supply. The technology behind solar is relatively old, despite their futuristic appeal, but while the basics are the same the efficiency of solar panels has improved greatly in recent years. It is worth noting that solar panel suppliers often have two types of solar panels on offer: thermal panels and Solar (PV) panels. The former are used only to heat water.

How do Solar Panels work?
The electricity produced by your Solar Panels will be used to power any appliances currently in use within your home. Any electricity which is not used will be returned to the grid. In essence, Solar Panels work by producing extra energy and any electricity consumed which is in excess of what your panels are producing will be sourced from the grid.

Is it sunny enough for solar power to be generated in the UK?
Yes. While it’s true that the UK isn't exactly bathed in sunshine, solar panels, despite their name, don't need direct sunlight - they also work in cloudy or overcast weather. Although cloudy weather diminishes the generating capacity of panels by approximately 50% in comparison to direct sunlight, solar panels in the UK are still a valid means of producing electricity

Who We Are

Solgain UK Ltd are the leading provider of renewable energy solutions and have over 30 year experience in electrical, building and insulation technologies.

  • We install solar photovoltaic systems to help reduce carbon footprint minimising the impact of ever increasing energy costs.
  • We provide ‘turnkey’ services from design to programme management to installation
  • We lead innovation and explore all new opportunities in the market in collaboration with our partners


  • Creating renewable energy solutions across the commercial, domestic and the public sectors
  • Customising activity according to the needs of the client to ensure a satisfactory outcome
  • Encouraging new ideas to improve our services through robust business process review


  • Providing ‘end to end’ high quality, comprehensive project management for each individual project
  • Procuring only the best materials for each project with no compromise on quality which means a greater return on your investment
  • Delivering excellent after care and review of projects to the agreement of all parties 
Solgain UK
Solgain UK


  • Applying the highest standards of responsible business practice
  • Promoting confidentiality and trust as a cornerstone of our practice when working with customers and partners
  • Ensuring the adherence and compliance to all regulation, legislation and industry standards

Home Owner Offer

Installing in a Solar PV system is a great investment. It will reduce your electricity bills, reduce your carbon emissions, protect you from rising energy costs and you will be paid for each kW of electricity your system generates through the Feed-in Tariff scheme, meaning that the system will pay for itself in less than ten years.

Business Offer

Solgain UK work with construction companies, developers, contractors and the public sector. Drawing on our expertise and varied portfolio of products, we are able to provide you comprehensive solutions to complex design requirements. 

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